Laboratory for material characterization

surface metrology

nanometer thin structures

contact free surface scanning

in this example:
printed coating

high resolution precision technology

optical resolution: 300 nm lateral, sub nanometer vertikal

data evaluation

individual calculation of
more than 100 shape- and roughness parameters

information made to measure

Individual analysis

measuring surface mechanics

elasticity of nanometer thin coatings

1 million measure points per field

local measurement of youngs modulus at nanometer resolution

measuring surface physics

surface electricity, -adhesivity, -melting point, -glas transition, – hardness, -elasticity, -wear

Laboratory for material characterization

Physical measurements on surfaces & crossections

services offered:

  • ScienceAnalytics is service provider for material- & product development, for material testing & quality control.
  • measurements at technical top standards, set by the market leader
  • consulting on measuring technology- and strategy
  • detailed documentation and interpretation of results
  • comparison of the physical fingerprint of two products
  • preparation of material samples
  • trainings on the instruments of Bruker-Nano-Division at your site
  • implementation of automatized measurement procedures at your site